Fighting - a path to understanding


taught by Bob Breen

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Welcome to Fighting. My first book. The aim here was to look at the art of Fighting outside of the stylistic trap of system or style. Just to look at it as what it is: Fighting. The aim is to give people a simple yet incredibly deep insight into the art and science of Fighting and to help them be more lucky if doing it. In true JKD fashion we just looked at it in a functional way. I hope you like it and find it really helpful. The feedback on Amazon etc has been great.

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Enjoy. Bob 

Bob  Breen
Bob Breen

My name is Bob Breen, and I am honoured to be considered the Godfather of JKD and Kali in Europe. My journey in martial arts spans over 50 years, and just about every discipline you can think of. These are the things that I'm best known for:

  • One of the first Karate Black belts in the UK
  • Captained English Karate team
  • Pioneered JKD and Filipino martial arts in Europe
  • Full instructor under Dan Inosanto
  • Founder member of WEKAF (World Eskrima, Kali, Arnis Federation)
  • Captain and coach of 1989 World Championship British Eskrima team
  • Coach of 1992 British Eskrima team
  • Instructor to many world champions and many of Britain's leading instructors

Throughout my journey, I've always looked to perfect my skills and find the most effective way of fighting. Consequently, I’ve always been at the cutting edge of martial arts development in the UK. 

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Fighting overview
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Fighting : A path to understanding
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