Sparring masterclass

Sparring Masterclass

taught by Bob Breen

Course description

The Sparring Masterclass contains a complete seminar recording and a FREE 30 page ebook packed full if tips, tricks and advice from 50 years in martial arts

Sparring is a huge subject and it's hard to cover it all in one seminar. 

For this reason the videos in this masterclass mainly focus on Boxing but the principles can be adapted to suit any striking system. 

We go deep on the essential skills for any type of stand up fighting.  

What you need are core concepts and techniques that you own. Plus strategies that are going to make you less fearful, and more successful, all the time.

The Full Seminar Recording Includes:

  • Footwork drills
  • Developing the jab
  • Bridging the gap
  • Timing the jab for maximum success
  • Using the jab to land the cross & hook
  • Half guard & follow ups
  • Developing evasive head movement
  • Boxing strategy
  • Overcoming fear when sparring
  • Controlling range
  • Dirty boxing tricks
  • And lots more...

The FREE Bonus eBook Contains

  • How to get the best from sparring
  • Understanding range
  • Tips for developing a world class jab
  • Centre line theory
  • Structure
  • Evasion
  • The rule of three
  • The chair drill
  • Success mentality
  • 29 pages

I hope you enjoy what I've shown, it comes from a lifetime of combat at the highest level. 

Enjoy. Bob

Bob  Breen
Bob Breen

My name is Bob Breen, and I am honoured to be considered the Godfather of JKD and Kali in Europe. My journey in martial arts spans over 50 years, and just about every discipline you can think of. These are the things that I'm best known for:

  • One of the first Karate Black belts in the UK
  • Captained English Karate team
  • Pioneered JKD and Filipino martial arts in Europe
  • Full instructor under Dan Inosanto
  • Founder member of WEKAF (World Eskrima, Kali, Arnis Federation)
  • Captain and coach of 1989 World Championship British Eskrima team
  • Coach of 1992 British Eskrima team
  • Instructor to many world champions and many of Britain's leading instructors

Throughout my journey, I've always looked to perfect my skills and find the most effective way of fighting. Consequently, I’ve always been at the cutting edge of martial arts development in the UK. 

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Course Curriculum

Sparring Masterclass ebook
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Sparring masterclass : Out of distance
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Jab and Range
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Jab games and drills
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Snap back
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Adding the cross and hook
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Strategy and training methodology
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Half guard
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Half guard attacks
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Half guard attacks 2: Elbow flip, kidney slap etc
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Attacking the liver
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Sparring different ranges: Short and long
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Final thoughts and conclusion
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